Mortgage Loans

We offer an array of mortgage products to best fit your needs - both fixed and adjustable. Plus, you may be eligible for a closing cost credit of up to $2,000 or a lower interest rate on selected Adjustable Rate Mortgage (ARM) loan programs!


The Loan With a One "Click" Rate Reset Feature

If you’re tired of refinancing your mortgage to keep up with lower rates the HarmonyLoan is right for you. The HarmonyLoan™ is a unique mortgage loan offered by Democracy FCU through our mortgage partner Credit Union Mortgage Association.

Take Advantage of Lower Interest Rates

With a HarmonyLoan™ when interest rates fall, you manage your own rate-reset online.  A simple "click" locks in your new interest rate. You may be eligible to request a reset of your rate or the fixed rate period of your loan every 120 days.

How Does the HarmonyLoan™ Work?

  • A simple "click" online  locks in new terms (interest rate & fixed period of ARM)
  • You only have to wait 6 months after closing before the first opportunity to "click" (reset rate)
  • After the first 6 months you can reset the rate every 120 days
  • Loan must be current with NO late payments in past 12 months
  • The reset must reduce the interest rate by at least 1/4%

Eliminate Hassle and Cost

The HarmonyLoan™ program resets your interest rate with No Points and No Closing Costs.  It’s fast, easy and affordable.

Avoid Credit Risk

When you refinance a traditional mortgage loan, the rate is based on your current financial situation. Changes in your situation—such as a job loss, salary reduction or significant purchase—can impact your ability to qualify for a refinance. With the HarmonyLoan™ as long as you pay on time, you can lower your rate instantly.

Where is the HarmonyLoan™ Available?

To find out more details about the HarmonyLoan™, call 703.647.7066.