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Share Draft Account Fees

Share Draft Account Fees

Table data for Share Draft Account Fees
 Effective 05-11-2021
Item Fee Alert Me
Automatic Share Transfer (to cover overdrafts) $5 per occurrence
Returned Check and Point-of-Sale/Auto Debit Overdraft $35
Check Written on Closed Account $25
Check/Deposit Item Copy $7
Stop Payment - Staff Assisted $30 per check/series
Stop Payment - Placed Electronically by phone banking or online banking $25 per check/series
Check Cashing Fee $3
Overdraft Privilege Fee $35 per item paid
Overdraft Privilege Collection Fee $15
Membership Fee $10

Service Fees

Service Fees

Table data for Service Fees
 Effective 05-11-2021
Item Fee Alert Me
Account Closure (within three (3) months of opening) $5
Returned Deposit Item (written/issued by member depositor) $25
Returned Deposit Item (written/issued by non-depositor) $15
Account Research $20 per hour
Incoming Wire Transfer FREE
Outgoing Domestic Wire Transfer $20
Outgoing International Wire Transfer $30
Money Order $3
Commercial Money Order $10 handling fee plus Western Union charges
Official Check $7
Stop Payment on Official Check $25
Legal (tax liens, levies, garnishments, etc.) $100
Collection Item $30
Bad Address $5 per month
Inactive Account (no financial activity for 12 months)1 $15 per month
Escheat (charged after 36 months of inactivity) $100
Mortgage/Asset Verification $10
Duplicate Lien Release $5
Express Delivery (requests requiring expedited delivery) $20
Express Delivery - Credit Card $65
Express Delivery - Visa Check Card/ ATM Card $65
Staff Assisted Transfer (Including Loan Payment) $5
Money Management Special Handling (withdrawal limits exceeded, check improperly issued) $5 per occurrence
Family Service Center (Marlow Heights and Capitol Heights, MD only) $3.50 per transaction
Loan Payment by Credit Card $10
Loan Payment by Phone ACH $10
Visa Over Limit $25
Monthly Paper Statement Mailed2 $5 per month
Statement Copy $10 per paper copy (avoid this fee by signing up for eStatements)
ACH Reject Fee $15 per item
  • 1Accounts of members under 18 years of age or over 55 years of age, accounts with IRAs, and those with balances in excess of $1,000.00 are exempt.
  • 2Members may be eligible for discounted fees based on his/her Member Rewards Level. Please see the Member Rewards Program for further details.

Electronic Service Fees

Electronic Services Fees

Table data for Electronic Services Fees
 Effective 05-11-2021
Item Fee Alert Me
Phone Banking Transactions FREE
Plastic Card Replacement $20
PIN Replacement $3
Online Banking FREE
Internet BillPayer FREE
Internet BillPayer Insufficient Funds $35
Internet BillPayer Stop Payment $26
Internet BillPayer Inquiry $18
Internet BillPayer Check Copy $25
Non-Proprietary ATM Withdrawals1 $2
Democracy FCU ATM Withdrawals with Non-Proprietary Card $3
Point-of-Sale Transactions FREE
Foreign Exchange Fee (Visa Check Card)2 1% of transaction amount
Visa Check Card Recovery $25
Visa Check Card Annual Fee FREE
  • 1This fee is not inclusive of the fee that may be charged by the ATM owner.
  • 2This fee will be applied to any transaction processed in a currency other than U.S. Dollars.

Loans Processing

Loan Processing Fees

Table data for Loan Processing Fees
 Effective 05-11-2021
Item Fee Alert Me
Returned Payment (loan or Visa payment) $30

Upcoming Fee Changes

Fee Changes Effective March 1, 2020

At Democracy Federal Credit Union we strive to provide a fee structure with the belief of the credit union philosophy of "People Helping People." This philosophy guides our Board of Directors when deciding on product offerings, loan interest rates, and payment of dividends.

Service fees are another necessary component of our operations and are occasionally reviewed and adjusted so that we may continue to offer competitive products and services to our members. Effective March 1, 2020 the current fee schedule will be updated to reflect the below adjustments. Account management options are available to avoid fees for members who may be affected.

The following fees will change and become effective March 1, 2020

  • Inactive Account Fee: $15.00
  • Escheat Fee: $100.00
  • Overdraft Protection Fee: $35.00
  • Statement Fee: $5.00

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