Special Offers from Democracy FCU

Visa Credit Card

Where will your points take you? 

Remember, with the Democracy FCU Visa Rewards Card you earn rewards for every purchase! 

  • 0%1 balance transfer APR for 24 months
  • No fee to transfer balances
  • 3,000 bonus points when member spends $1,000 in the first 90 days of account opening on the Visa Rewards CC2

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(1) 0% Annual Percentage Rate (APR) promotional Balance Transfer offer available on Visa Rewards Credit Card holders; balance transfer must be completed between May 15, 2018 and July 31, 2018 to qualify for 0% APR promotional offer. 0% promotional APR will apply to the balance transferred for 24 months; after the end of the 24 month period, the APR on the transferred balance will revert to the variable APR in place for your regular variable card rate (10.50% - 18.00% APR for the Rewards Credit Card, depending on credit). Other restrictions may apply. The total amount of your balance transfer request cannot exceed your available credit line. Please continue to make payments to your other account(s) until you know the balance is paid. Offer is effective as of May 15, 2018 and is subject to change without notice. Membership with Democracy FCU is required to obtain credit card account. (2) Limited time offer. Additional restrictions may apply. Subject to credit approval.

Home Equity Loans

Cash in on your home's equity!

Bring blueprint plans to life with the 4.50% APR1 Democracy FCU Home Equity Loan. With no closing costs2 and affordable payments, you can enhance your home just the way you like! 

Want to use the funds for a 2018 vacation? Go right ahead! Using the equity in your home can be a smart way to accomplish your holiday wish list, debt consolidation and more! It's your house, your equity. Take advantage now - it's a great time to refinance to a lower rate! 

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$406.04 is the difference between the amount paid in interest between Democracy FCU’s rate at 4.50% APR for 85% LTV compared to 5.24% APR for 80% LTV with Navy FCU over the life of a $20,000 home equity loan with a term of 5 years. (1) Fixed rates available as low as 4.50% APR (Annual Percentage Rate) for owner occupied properties. Subject to credit and property approval. (2) No Closing Costs on Home Equity Loans and Home Equity Lines of Credit. If loan is paid off within 36 months, the member will be required to reimburse Democracy FCU for closing costs paid on the member’s behalf. Member is responsible for depositing funds for appraisal fee and will have funds released to them when the loan closes. If a loan does not close, funds deposited will be used to reimburse Democracy FCU for the cost of the appraisal. Other fees may also have to be paid if the loan does not close.

Mortgage Loans

Save more when you buy, sell or refinance! 

Rates are on the rise so it’s a great time to refinance to a lower rate or to find your forever home! The Democracy FCU home loan can help you move into a new home more affordably: 

  • Choose an agent from a local professional network
  • Get an eligible mortgage
  • Enjoy cash rewards when you use our agent to buy or sell1

Call to schedule your appointment today with our experienced Mortgage Loan Officer! Don’t forget to ask about our up to $2,000 credit toward closing costs2!

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(1) The HomeAdvantage program is made available to you through a relationship between your credit union and CU Reality Services. Program rebates are awarded by CU Realty Services to buyers and sellers who select and use a real estate agent in the HomeAdvantage network of approved agents. Home buyers or sellers are not eligible for the rebate if they use an agent outside to this network. Using your credit union for a mortgage is not a requirement to earn a rebate. Rebate amounts are dependent on the commissions paid to the agent. Your credit union may have specific rules on how your rebate will be paid out. Rebate incentives are available in most states; however, are void where prohibited by law or by the lender. Please consult your credit union to get details that may affect you. (2) Limited time offer. Additional restrictions may apply. Subject to credit approval.

Student Line of Credit

Finance your future affordably!

From clothes and books to room and board, Democracy FCU can help you get it all done. With rates as low as 5.00% APR1, we've got this school year covered! 

  • Flexible repayment options and in-school deferment
  • 24/7 account access
  • Simple, one-time application

Apply once to borrow all or only a portion of the funds certified by your school. As your trusted financial partner, we want to see you succeed in college and beyond!

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(1) 5.00% APR (Annual Percentage Rate) is a variable rate on Democracy FCU Student Lines of Credit and may be adjusted quarterly based on the publicly available Index. Any increase in the Index may increase the APR and may increase the amount of your monthly payment. As of April 1, 2018, the Prime index (Index), as published in the Wall Street Journal, used is 4.50%. For a new line of credit, the Index used is the rate as published on the first business day of the last month immediately preceding each new quarter. Current offered rate(s) are calculated by using the Index, Margin and Floor value(s) in effect. Your specific Index, Margin, Floor, and/or credit approval will depend upon the student borrower’s and coborrower’s (if applicable) credit qualification. Applicants may apply with a creditworthy U.S. coborrower which may result in a better chance of approval and/or lower interest rate. The Interest Rate will not exceed 18.00%, regardless of the Index. Margin will be disclosed at account opening. This Margin is added to the Index to determine the calculated interest rate. Floor rate is in effect any time the calculated interest rate is below the assigned Floor rate. The Floor rate will be disclosed at account opening. Payment example: For a $20,000 New Student Line of Credit for a term of 60 months with a 5.00% APR, the monthly payment would be $377.42.

Signature Loan

Don’t let the summer fun pass you by this year!

This summer can be filled with fun, vacations, shopping, and last minute trips. You make the plans, we'll help you fund them!

  • Rates as low as 8.49% APR1
  • Terms up to 72 months
  • Fixed, affordable payments
  • Loans up to $30,000

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(1) 8.49% APR (Annual Percentage Rate) is a fixed-rate on personal, unsecured loans up to $30,000 with terms up to 72 months. Minimum loan amount will depend on term selected. APRs (Annual Percentage Rates) listed are the lowest possible available rates. Rates, terms and conditions vary based on creditworthiness and other qualifications and are subject to change. Additional restrictions may apply. Subject to credit approval. Payment example: For a $10,000 signature loan for a term of 36 months with an 8.49% APR, the monthly payment would be $315.63.

July Skip-a-Pay

Make a Splash with Extra Cash!

Democracy FCU is offering you a chance to skip your July loan payment and save for your summer spending!  

  • Skip your auto or signature loan payment in the month of July 
  • Pay $30 for each qualifying loan
  • Fill out our Skip-a-Pay form and fax (571.527.2333) or email it back to us. 
  • Submit request at least 10 days prior to your July payment. 

Please note that you cannot skip your first three loan payments. This offer is only open to loans that have at least three (3) months of payment history established. Skipping payments will extend the maturity date of the loan one month for every Skip-a-Payment processed. Debt protection or GAP purchased to cover your Democracy FCU loan(s) excludes deferred payments therefore, in the event of a claim, you may have a residual balance as a result of Skip-a-Payment authorization. Interest will continue to accrue on any unpaid principal balance(s) and may impact your final payment amount. Your scheduled monthly payment amount will not change, however the amounts applied to principal and interest may vary as a result of a Skip-a-Pay authorization. If any accounts, active or closed, held by the Borrower and/or Co-Borrower with Democracy FCU are not in good standing, a Skip-a-Payment may be denied until the account is brought into a positive status.